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Endpoint kya hota hai?

Endpoint ek specific URL (Uniform Resource Locator) ya URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) hota hai jise API (Application Programming Interface) access kar sakta hai. Har API ek ya multiple endpoints provide karta hai, jo alag-alag operations ko represent karte hain. Ye operations HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) ke through perform hote hain.

Har endpoint ek specific resource ya service ko identify karta hai, aur iske through API client server se communication establish karta hai. Endpoint ke structure mein usually base URL aur specific path ya route shaamil hota hai, jo ek resource ya service ko uniquely identify karta hai.

For example, consider a simple RESTful API for managing books. It may have the following endpoints:
  • 1. `GET /books`: Retrieve a list of all books.
  • 2. `GET /books/{id}`: Retrieve details of a specific book identified by its ID.
  • 3. `POST /books`: Create a new book.
  • 4. `PUT /books/{id}`: Update details of a specific book.
  • 5. `DELETE /books/{id}`: Delete a specific book.

In these examples, `/books`, `/books/{id}`, and so on are the endpoints. The HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) indicate the type of operation to be performed on the specified resource.

Endpoints play a crucial role in API design, providing a clear and structured way for clients to interact with the API's resources and services. Each endpoint defines a specific action that can be taken, and the combination of endpoints forms the API's overall functionality.

Server kya hota hai

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